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Breaking New Ground in Fintech Talent Sourcing: SDxCentral Spotlights 1840 & Company

SDX Central delves into how 1840 & Company innovatively tackles the fintech sector’s IT talent shortage with global talent sourcing from emerging markets.
1840 & Company Media Coverage in SDxCentral

1840 & Company is pioneering new frontiers in the global talent landscape, as highlighted in a recent SDxCentral article. Amidst a pressing IT talent shortage that often hampers fintech startups, our CEO Bryan DiGiorgio sheds light on our innovative approach to workforce solutions. By leveraging untapped tech talent pools in emerging markets like Africa, we’re not only accelerating product development but also offering cost-effective solutions. Our focus on long-term engagement and remote work models has proven to be a game-changer, allowing us to source exceptional talent from around 15 countries. As the future of work evolves, 1840 & Company continues to lead the way in redefining how businesses source, manage, and grow their global teams.

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