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Scalable, On Demand Human Capital for Fast Growth

At 1840, we act as a seamless extension of your company’s HR department. We help you hire, manage, and retain the talent (or entire teams) your business needs. Additionally, we come along side you as trusted advisors, helping you navigate local benefits, payroll, taxes, compliance, risks, and other legal complexities.


What are Fractional Resources?

Fractional resources are flexible team members who fill your needs through freelancing or outsourcing. As your needs change, the type of support you need also shifts. With years of experience, these professionals are able to help you resolve short or long-term issues with ease.

On-Demand, Vetted Freelancers

An individual or a group of seasoned freelancers delivers one or more fractional services to meet your needs.

Managed Teams & Processes

We handle your specific business needs as a third-party service provider, overseeing and refining your operations.

Here’s How It Works:

We make sourcing, vetting, & retaining a highly skilled
workforce easy. 

Schedule a call with our growth experts


Talk with One Our Growth Experts

The first step is to tell us your needs and request a free consultation with one of our growth experts. You can simply get started here. We’ll schedule a call to discuss your unique business goals, challenges, timelines, and budget so we can create a solution tailored specifically to your needs.


We'll Create a Customized Strategy

Based on your needs, we’ll build a customized solution and suggest the exact resources needed to drive growth for your business. Typically, this may either be a hands-off (client led) solution or a fully managed (1840 led) solution. Whether full-time. part-time. or project-based, our goal is to determine the most efficient and strategic options for scaling your team while reducing costs

We'll develop a customized talent solution
Get matched with top talent


Get Matched with Top Talent

Leveraging our exclusive global network of pre-vetted experts and proprietary AI, our recruitment team can quickly source the top 3% of talent from a global pool of millions. We’ll vet the top results and put together a list of the best candidates who have the exact skillsets and experience needed for the position. For self-managed options, we’ll send our top candidates for you to interview so you can simply pick the best one you want to work with!


Launch with Confidence

Now that we understand your needs and have your talent ready, just pick a start date! We’ll ensure a smooth onboarding process for your new talent and take care of all the necessary payroll and compliance requirements.

Launch with confidence
Grow with our support


Grow with Our Support

We’ll continue to stay in the loop to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations throughout our partnership. As you scale, we’re here to support and further assist you with your team building needs. including optimizing processes and technologies.


Since each client requires a unique talent solution, we do not have any set pricing. You’ll need to schedule a discovery call with one of our growth experts for a custom quote that aligns with your specific needs. After our discovery call, we can provide a simple and transparent price. Our ultimate goal is to help you scale with the offshore talent and teams you need–while reducing costs. We typically cut costs by as much as 70% compared to traditional hires. Additionally, we can also see if your business qualifies for any tax exemptions or benefits, such as getting $1000 back per worker in hiring credits. There’s a lot of individual factors at play, so it’s best to schedule a call!

Fast. Although this does depend on the size and scope of your project. On average, it takes 48 hours for us to match you with a vetted freelancer while onboarding teams can take a couple weeks. For an exact time frame, please contact us directly.

You can either work directly with the talent yourself or we can manage payroll for you. Our fully managed solutions offer complete global payroll and compliance. 

We’ll help you answer this during our consultation as this this question depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of work you want to outsource, your budget, legal/regulatory environment, and the cultural and language fit. For example, India is known for its large pool of skilled IT professionals where the Philippines has a strong focus on customer service and a large pool of English speaking workers.

While all our freelancers are vetted and experienced experts, we understand that not every person may be the right fit for every company. If you’re not fully satisfied with your freelancer, we will replace them with one that is a better fit for your company.