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We are the #1 Skilled Talent Marketplace for High Growth Companies

We are an exclusive managed marketplace of professionals and outsourcing services, supporting ambitious businesses with expertise and resources to accelerate their growth.

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About 1840 & Company

What’s in a Name?

Innovation and fast-paced change defined the year 1840 as the world transitioned from the first Industrial Revolution to the second, forever upending the foundations of society.

A world previously stunted by disconnection and scarcity suddenly launched towards rapid growth never before seen in history. Like the year 1840, we strive to be revolutionary in your pivotal point of transition—from seed funding to post-IPO.

Mission, Vision, Values

Our current business goals, our future ambitions, and the qualities and principles that drive us

our mission

Help High-Growth Companies Scale

To jumpstart growth for ambitious businesses by bridging the gaps with our expertise

our vision

Build the Most Exclusive Professional Marketplace

To attract, excite, and retain exceptional people whose synergetic skillset accelerates startups to become enterprises


Our Values

These core principles drive us towards continuous improvement, guiding our business mission and vision.

Exclusive Marketplace

As your long-term partner and trusted advisor, we connect you with our global network of industry experts and outsourcing services to meet your exact business needs.

Venture Building Process

With a holistic approach that surpasses the conventional methods of our competitors, we accelerate the venture building process for immediate scale.

Create Value

A curated platform of financial and human capital, we empower your team to focus on creating value for your customers rather than on the burdensome details of business.


Through elastic resources and outsourcing services, we allow your company to become antifragile, able to adjust dynamically to the many changes that come with growth.

Venture Capital Firms

We work with clients funded by the most renowned venture capital organizations, venture units, and private equity firms.

Andreesen HorowitzKleiner PerkinsKEC VenturesOWL VenturesGSV VenturesNext PlayTeamworthySequoiaKhosla Ventures

Incubators and Accelerators

We pick up where some of the most recognized incubators and accelerators leave off to continue supporting our clients' high growth and market disruption.

Client logoClient logoPlugandPlay500 StartupsAmplifyPipeline AcceleratorMass ChallengeDreamitDreamitAlchemist Accelerator

Jumpstart Your Business

Build remote teams faster with 1840. We will catalyze your growth with freelance experts and elastic resources for each stage of your journey.

hands-off vetted

Client Managed

We augment your existing team with our curated and seasoned industry professionals. You direct, and we fill in the gaps with our expertise.


Elastic Workforce

One to Several

Team Integration

Ability to Scale

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hands-on led

1840 Managed

We build and manage a high-quality team to handle the details of your business. We implement trusted processes to ensure your needs are met.


Full-time Scalable Teams

Three to Thousands

Fully Managed

Process Automation

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