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HR TechCube Features 1840: Driving Remote Work Diversity

In a thought-provoking interview with HRTech Cube, Bryan DiGiorgio, CEO of 1840 & Company, delves into advancing DE&I through outsourcing and remote work.
HR TechCube features 1840 & Company

HR TechCube’s latest feature spotlights Bryan DiGiorgio, CEO of 1840 & Company. In this interview, DiGiorgio addresses crucial topics like HR challenges in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, and the role of outsourcing in creating a culturally rich workplace. He also discusses the global impact of diverse remote teams, strategies for fostering inclusivity, and the advantages of remote work in cost-saving and business sustainability. The interview shares insights on 1840 & Company’s unique business model inspired by the year 1840, its differentiation in the outsourcing industry, and his advice for early stage startups.

Read the full interview on HRTechCube.com.

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