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WisBusiness Spotlights 1840’s Innovative AI Recruitment

Wisconsin business news outlet, WisBusiness, highlights 1840 & Company’s AI-driven Global Talent Cloud, transforming recruitment amid U.S. labor shortages.
WisBusiness features 1840 & Company

In a recent article published by WisBusiness.com, the growing challenge of employee shortages in the U.S. job market was highlighted, with an emphasis on the revolutionary role of AI in recruitment. The article reports an alarming gap in the workforce, with 9.5 million job openings and a projected loss of $8.5 trillion in annual revenues by 2030 due to employee shortages. 1840 & Company, under the leadership of CEO Bryan DiGiorgio, is at the forefront of addressing this issue with their innovative Global Talent Cloud platform. This AI-driven solution efficiently streamlines the recruitment process, blending technological advancements with the crucial human touch. The Global Talent Cloud revolutionizes talent acquisition by using AI for customized candidate filtering, targeted talent searches, and linguistic proficiency assessments, ensuring not only a technically sound workforce but also a good cultural fit for diverse global business needs.

Read the full interview on WisBusiness.com.

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