A Better Way to Scale Your Team

Using our fractional resources and outsourcing services to build your team saves you the time and financial investment of hiring full-time employees. We connect you with only the highest-quality experts, who are available exactly when you need them. At 1840, second-best is not an option.

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What Are Fractional Resources?

Fractional resources are flexible team members who fill your needs through freelancing or outsourcing. As your needs change, the type of support you need also shifts. With years of experience, these professionals are able to help you resolve short or long-term issues with ease.

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On-Demand Freelancers

An individual or a group of seasoned freelancers delivers one or more fractional services to meet your needs

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Managed Teams & Processes

1840 handles your specific business needs as a third-party service provider, overseeing and refining your operations.


Connect with Vetted Service Professionals

With our global network and fine-tuned process, building your team of service professionals is simple. We seek to understand your exact business needs and design an individualized, sustainable plan for you.


Team Building Made Easy

Talk with Our Specialist

Discuss your unique business goals and challenges with an 1840 Specialist to create solutions tailored specifically to your needs.

Match with Top Talent

Based on your needs, our Specialist suggests exact resources and/or builds a customized, managed solution to drive growth for your business.

Launch with Confidence

We assign you a personalized Client Success Manager to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations throughout our partnership.

Grow with Our Support

Your Client Success Manager supports you with managed solutions and an unlimited resource pool for your current and future growth stages.

Jumpstart Your Business

Every great entrepreneur needs a guide. We will catalyze your growth with elastic resources for each stage of your journey. Let us be your springboard for success.

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Client Managed

We augment your existing team with our curated and seasoned industry professionals. You direct, and we fill in the gaps with our expertise.


Elastic Workforce

One to Several

Team Integration

Ability to Scale

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1840 Managed

We build and manage a high-quality team to handle the details of your business. We implement trusted processes to ensure your needs are met.


Full-time Scalable Teams

Three to Thousands

Fully Managed

Process Automation

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Want to Join Our Team?

We are actively seeking seasoned professionals who have a passion for kickstarting growth.