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Sales Outsourcing Guide: What It Is & Should I Do It?

Thinking of outsourcing sales? Discover the essentials of sales outsourcing: key benefits, strategies, and what are the top sales outsourcing companies are.
Sales outsourcing guide



Considering outsourcing your sales? It’s an intelligent strategy to increase your sales through the expertise of external professionals. In fact, businesses that outsource their sales functions see an average increase in revenue by 10-15%.
In this guide, we’re going to define what sales outsourcing includes. We’ll also detail the advantages it offers, and provide guidance on selecting the ideal partner for your needs.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Main benefits of outsourced sales include cost efficiency, access to specialized expertise and technology. It also allows for more flexibility to scale operations quickly in response to market demands.

What is Sales Outsourcing?

Enlisting outsourced sales reps is like bringing in a team of extremely experienced professionals to handle your sales efforts. Allowing you to concentrate on managing core business functions.

We’ll proceed by:

  • Looking into the notion of outsourcing your sales efforts.
  • Examining the spectrum of services that are accessible in this domain.
  • Introducing you to prominent figures in the industry who possess the expertise to transform your approach and drive significant successes in your selling tactics.

Definition of Sales Outsourcing

Fundamentally, sales outsourcing involves delegating various sales-related tasks to an external group of experts. This team of sales reps takes charge of numerous activities that encompass:

  • The generation of leads
  • Scouting for potential customers
  • Filtering these leads
  • Finalizing transactions

These skilled sales development representatives (SDRs), or just sales reps for short, are equipped with modern resources and strategies necessary. This allows your attention to be redirected toward product improvement and enhancing client support.
This collaborative relationship provides you access to a seasoned selling brigade coupled with the adaptability to enlist their services on-demand.

Types of Sales Outsourcing Services

Looking at the variety of sales outsourcing services uncovers a full array that aims at each point within the sales funnel, encompassing aspects of the sales pipeline.

Many companies who have successfully outsourced their sales will emphasize the importance of finding goal-oriented, consultative firms offering lead generation and specializing in B2B or B2C sales.
These external teams contribute extensive knowledge and creativity to your efforts, ready to serve either as sharpshooters for precise lead capture or tacticians devising comprehensive strategies throughout your entire sale process.

Benefits of Sales Outsourcing

Starting the journey of outsourcing your sales can reveal a wealth of advantages for your company. The benefits range from cost savings through the elimination of maintaining an in-house sales team, to gaining access to specialized know-how and advanced technology.
A closer look will show how delegating your sales responsibilities externally can enhance efficiency, increase scalability, and lead to substantial improvements in overall sales performance.

Cost Efficiency

Utilizing a sales outsourcing company can significantly enhance cost-effectiveness. Engaging with the expertise of such companies enables savings of as much as 70% on expenses related to conventional employment—this encompasses salaries, benefits, and equipment costs.
This adaptable financial strategy permits higher investment in areas such as product innovation and penetrating new markets. The result is an acceleration in revenue growth that isn’t weighed down by constant overhead expenses.

Access to Expertise and Technology

A key benefit of sales outsourcing is the opportunity to tap into a reservoir of experts who specialize in outsourced sales, equipped with state-of-the-art tools for sales and marketing. These experienced individuals contribute proven methodologies and sophisticated CRM technologies, guaranteeing that your initiatives in selling are proficient and impactful.
Especially for tech startups, this translates into accessing specialized expertise and understanding of the market that may not be present within their own teams, thus paving the way for swift expansion and creativity.

Scalability and Flexibility

In the constantly adapting environment of modern commerce, swiftly and flexibly scaling is essential. Outsourcing sales provides this flexibility. Which in turn allows your business to augment its sales operations efficiently in line with current market conditions. This also aids in sidestepping the cumbersome processes associated with recruiting and educating new employees.
An outsourced sales team offers a tailored approach to managing fluctuating demands. It enables you to quickly ramp up efforts when seizing a market prospect or reduce scale during quieter times. This ensures that your business maintains optimal support levels at all times.

Challenges and Risks of Sales Outsourcing

The benefits of delegating sales tasks to external entities are evident. This approach also comes with its own set of obstacles and potential hazards. Issues such as barriers in communication, diminished managerial control, and the necessity for maintaining high-quality standards represent some of the significant challenges that companies must deftly manage.
Moving forward, we will examine these difficulties in detail and suggest methods to overcome them. Our goal is to develop a blueprint for achieving a thriving and enduring outsourced sales operation.

Communication Barriers

Efficient communication forms the basis of any flourishing alliance, which is particularly vital when it comes to outsourced sales. For productive communication within an outsourced sales context, it’s crucial to focus on several fundamental aspects.

  • Bridging language barriers
  • Navigating differences in time zones
  • Delivering messages that are direct and unambiguous
  • Creating consistent avenues for dialogue
  • Facilitating training and backing to bolster effective exchange

When these areas are attentively managed, you can overcome hurdles and foster uninterrupted interaction with your sales outsourcing collaborator.
It’s imperative from the get-go to institute well-defined conduits of communication along with clear expectations to perpetuate a seamless operational flow and guarantee alignment between your business aims and the actions of your outsourced sales team.

Loss of Control

Delegating a segment of your sales function to an outside firm may lead to feelings of diminished control over the sales process. This issue can become significant if the methodologies used for selling or the way they represent your brand does not match with your company’s principles. It is imperative to select an agency that aligns with and honours your brand’s ethos and also to keep sufficient supervision in place so as to guarantee uniformity in both communication and client interactions.

Quality Assurance

When it comes to outsourcing sales, upholding stringent quality standards is crucial. A lapse in maintaining your company’s professionalism or customer service can damage the reputation of your brand. To maintain uniformity, setting precise expectations with your partner for sales outsourcing and instituting frequent quality assessments. These assessments should correspond with the aims and benchmarks of your business vision.

How to Choose the Right Sales Outsourcing Company

Business man choosing which way to go
Choosing the appropriate outsourced sales partner is critical for the success of your sales approach. The perfect partner must possess experience pertinent to your industry, demonstrate a strong history of high-quality service delivery, and be capable of providing tailored and adaptable solutions.
Let’s look at evaluating prospective partners using the following benchmarks.

Industry Experience

Selecting a sales outsourcing partner with industry-specific expertise can significantly alter the playing field. Such a collaborator brings to the table an acute understanding of your market’s subtleties, offering critical perspectives and establishing robust relationships with potential customers. Their profound understanding leads to heightened sales tactics effectiveness and enhanced grasp of the motivations influencing your intended demographic.

Service Quality and Track Record

The ability to produce outcomes and the history of success exhibited by a prospective partner are revealing signs of their capability to achieve results. Examining client feedback and reviews on sites such as Clutch and GoodFirms can illuminate their previous performance and dependability.

Customization and Flexibility

The distinctive nature of your business requires sales solutions tailored specifically to its needs. Standardized methods do not typically suffice when it comes to outsourcing sales, underlining the importance of adaptability and personalization. It’s essential to choose a partner capable of shaping their offerings around your unique objectives and can pivot as necessary, providing you with a robust and agile approach to sales strategy.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Challenges in sales outsourcing include communication barriers, potential loss of control over the sales process, and maintaining quality assurance, all of which can be mitigated through careful partner selection and ongoing management.

Implementing Sales Outsourcing Successfully

Successfully carrying out sales outsourcing is a deliberate and methodical process that necessitates thoughtful preparation and implementation. It involves the establishment of definitive objectives and performance indicators, coupled with ensuring efficient integration of new team members as well as continuous communication for improvement. Calculating the return on investment (ROI) is a crucial part of this process, as it helps measure the effectiveness and efficiency of your outsourcing strategy.
Let’s examine these essential components which are fundamental to cultivating a productive experience in outsourcing.

Setting Clear Goals and KPIs

Establishing clear, measurable, and attainable objectives marks the commencement of a fruitful partnership in sales outsourcing. Determining what constitutes success for your company allows you to create a guide that your outsourced team can adhere to, guaranteeing they are in harmony with your business’s aims and aspirations.

Effective Onboarding and Training for an Outsourced Sales Team

Ensuring your outsourced sales team undergoes an efficient and comprehensive onboarding and training process is essential for their effectiveness. They need to grasp the full spectrum of what you offer, from products and services to the core values and culture that define how your business presents itself to clients.
Holding joint training activities between your in-house staff and outsourced personnel encourages unity, paving the way for a harmonious partnership that enhances productivity across teams.

Regular Monitoring and Feedback

Continually overseeing key performance indicators and offering productive critiques is crucial for upholding both the output and standards of your outsourced sales team. Through consistent surveillance and prompt feedback, it’s possible to guarantee that this team remains aligned with your objectives for sales, thereby meeting the set targets.

What are the Best Sales Outsourcing Companies?

Naturally, we’d like to place ourselves at the top of the list!

1. 1840 & Company

1840 & Company helps businesses hire vetted sales teams in over 150 countries. We are a top sales outsourcing partner that can recruit, source, vet, and onboard skilled sales professionals who can seamlessly integrate into existing teams and drive sales growth. Key features of 1840 & Company include:

  • Cost Efficiency: Save up to 70% on traditional hiring and operational costs.
  • Global Talent Access: Utilize pre-vetted sales professionals from over 150 countries.
  • Scalability: Easily scale your sales operations up or down as needed.
  • Flexible Hiring Options: We offer flexible hiring options to outsource your sales team, with fractional services and independent contractors.

2. Market Star

Market Star is renowned for its comprehensive sales outsourcing services, enabling companies to extend their reach and effectively increase their market presence. This company excels in creating and managing tailored sales programs that align closely with client objectives. Key features of Market Star include:

  • Complete Sales Outsourcing Solutions: Market Star covers all aspects of the sales process, from lead generation to the closing of sales, providing full-service solutions to its clients.
  • Specialization in Lead Generation Outsourcing: With a focus on innovating lead generation strategies, Market Star ensures that its clients have a steady flow of qualified leads, crucial for driving sales growth.
  • Development of High Performing Sales Teams: They invest in training and developing sales teams that are not only skilled in sales tactics but also excel in building and maintaining strong customer relationships.

3. Sales Partnerships

Sales Partnerships is recognized for its exceptional approach to outsourcing sales development, providing businesses with the means to scale their sales efforts efficiently. This agency excels in deploying dedicated sales teams that integrate seamlessly with client companies to drive measurable results. Key features of Sales Partnerships include:

  • Dedicated Sales Team Deployment: Sales Partnerships specializes in providing fully managed sales teams that operate as an extension of the client’s own team, ensuring a unified approach to achieving sales goals.
  • Expertise in Full Sales Cycle Management: This agency handles the entire sales process, from initial lead generation to closing deals, maintaining high standards of professionalism and effectiveness.
  • Customized Sales Training: Each sales agent undergoes rigorous training tailored to the specific needs of the client and their market, enhancing their ability to close deals and forge strong customer relationships.

4. Sales Outsourcing Pros

Sales Outsourcing Pros is known for its dynamic approach to enhancing sales functions through strategic outsourcing. This agency focuses on empowering companies to exceed their sales targets by providing expert sales agents and comprehensive sales support. Key features of Sales Outsourcing Pros include:

  • Tailored Sales Solutions: Sales Outsourcing Pros offers customized solutions designed to fit the unique needs of each client, whether they are looking to expand into new markets or enhance existing sales processes.
  • Skilled Sales Agents: They provide highly trained sales agents who are proficient in handling complex sales cycles and adept at both lead generation and closing deals.
  • Comprehensive Lead Generation: The company excels in lead generation outsourcing, ensuring a continuous flow of high-quality leads that are crucial for sales success.

5. Operatix

Operatix is a dynamic sales outsourcing company that specializes in accelerating sales for B2B tech companies, particularly those aiming to expand into new markets or scale their operations. This agency is known for its strategic approach to sales and deep understanding of the tech industry. Key features of Operatix include:

  • Targeted Lead Generation: Operatix excels in lead generation outsourcing, particularly within the tech sector, ensuring their clients have access to highly qualified leads that are more likely to convert.
  • Sales Process Optimization: They streamline the entire sales process, from prospecting to deal closure, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in all sales activities.
  • Expert Sales Training: Operatix provides comprehensive sales training to equip sales teams with the latest techniques and tools needed to succeed in the competitive tech industry.


Sales outsourcing has emerged as a potent instrument for propelling swift business expansion. Allowing businesses to tap into specialized know-how, and securing cost-effectiveness. Yet it’s imperative to initiate this tactic with an acute awareness of both its advantages and potential obstacles. This will ensure the selection of a compatible partner who shares your corporate ambitions. Executed correctly, sales outsourcing can serve as a pivotal agent of change within your organization. It can also form an integral part of your strategy for company growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does sales outsourcing involve?

Outsourcing sales tasks, such as deal closing and lead generation, allows businesses to tap into specialized expertise and advanced technology by employing an external team instead of sustaining a dedicated in-house team for these functions.

How can sales outsourcing improve cost efficiency for my business?

By choosing to outsource sales functions, companies can enhance their cost efficiency through the avoidance of expenses associated with recruiting, training, and supervising an in-house sales team, potentially leading to cost reductions as high as 70%.

What should I look for in a sales outsourcing partner?

When selecting a partner for sales outsourcing, it’s essential to consider their relevant experience within the industry, ensure they have a proven history of delivering high-quality services, and check that they can provide tailored and adaptable solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of your business.

Can sales outsourcing help my business scale?

Certainly, the adaptability to modify sales operations in response to business requirements and market fluctuations is a benefit of outsourcing sales functions for your company, as it allows you to scale without having to commit to long-term employment contracts.

Are there risks associated with using sales outsourcing companies?

Certainly, while outsourcing sales comes with potential hazards like barriers in communication and diminished command over the sales process, these issues can be mitigated by strategic planning and consistent oversight.

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